While the ex-president won the Peach State six years ago en route to the White House, it’s been a disastrous playing field for him ever since, rejecting his first reelection bid and his midterm revenge candidates. His former aides and allies, meanwhile, are being called before a special grand jury in the state investigating his efforts to overthrow President Joe Biden’s win there in 2020.

On Tuesday, Trump’s run of Georgia futility could continue unless Heisman Trophy-winning ex-Georgia running back Herschel Walker can drag the MAGA banner over the line.

The Georgia Senate runoff represents Trump’s final opportunity to recast a painful midterm season in which his election-denying candidates flopped in swing states, casting a shadow over his nascent 2024 presidential bid. A Walker win would be a rare victory for one of Trump’s recruits and potentially energize his lackluster campaign, while helping Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell limit Democratic power in Washington.

But a Walker loss would add to frustration in the GOP over Trump’s political meddling, after his obsession with false voter fraud claims was widely blamed for costing the party control of the Senate in a pair of Georgia runoffs in 2021.

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