The Georgia Department of Corrections has announced that 25-year-old Kendrick Brown has passed away, but they have refused to divulge any other information, citing the fact that the incident is still being investigated.

OGLETHORPE, Ga. — A woman in North Georgia is in mourning after the death of her son, who occurred this week in the Macon State Prison.

His mother claims that the past week has been a whirlwind. She is aware that he has passed away, but she claims that Macon State Prison is not disclosing the details of his passing to her. "He didn't have to die. He did not have to die, "Buck remarked. Chastity Buck received a phone call from the state jail in Oglethorpe on Sunday informing her that her son Kendrick Brown, who was 25 years old, had passed away.

"The worst phone call ever in possible history, I think, to hear. I know it happens every day to people, but this is something I never thought would happen to my child; and I know no mother ever thinks that anything could possibly happen like this to her child. I couldn't breathe. I was in shock. My son was not all bad. He had a good heart," Buck said.

She claims that those who were inside the jail told her that his cellmate was the one who killed him by beating him to death with a metal stick. They say that he was found some hours later with his inside organs exposed.

"I understand my son did wrong. I understand that and I take that and he took that. he took his punishment and he took it like a man. He did not deserve to die at the hands of somebody else. They did not have to put him in a cell with someone else who had all this time and nothing to lose, who didn't care. Maybe people didn't care about him, but Kendrick had people who cared about him. We love him," Buck said.

The Georgia Department of Corrections has verified Kendrick's passing, but they have refused to provide any other information, citing the fact that the incident is still being investigated.

"Nobody came to see or check on anybody, so it was very easy for this man to just do what he did, because there was no supervision. I pray for these people in prison, because these people are not treated like people. They are treated like animals," Buck said.

Buck says she isn't getting any answers from Macon State Prison either.

"I don't know what happened. I just want answers from whomever was there. Why in this world did you not go do your job? Why in this world did you not take 30 minutes to make a round just to see what we going on in these cells, so that my son's life was spared?" Buck said.

"I just pray my family gets justice for Kendrick, because Kendrick did not deserve what any what he got. He did wrong. He was serving his time for doing wrong and he was going to come home and he was going to be OK," Buck said.

Buck claims that she and her husband traveled all the way from Calhoun, Georgia to Macon State Prison in an attempt to acquire some answers, but they were unsuccessful. She claims that she doesn't have faith that the truth will ever be revealed to her.

Buck claims that her son had previously done time in jail for domestic violence and violent assault, had been freed, and then returned to prison for breaching the terms of his parole. "I'll never get to see him. His loved ones will never be able to see him again. It seems unlikely that his son will ever get to meet him. I have nothing but hatred in my heart for any family that is forced to go through this because it is horrific beyond words. There is no resolution, there is no resolution for this, "Buck remarked. Kendrick is survived by a son who is currently 7 years old.

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